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Up The Joyriders
This abbreviation is commonly used within Northern Ireland to describe one's passion/support towards joyriders. The term is most commonly used within Belfast, particulary the west of Belfast, In which joyriding is seen as almost a game. The idea behind it is that hoods(Hoodlings) would steal a car, bring it back into there own area, and perform various rally-like stunts in the car/motor. The aim would be to destroy the car either by way of destruction due to damage caused performing handbrake turns/spins or else by way of fire/arson. The term 'UTJRS' is only really known/used in Northern Ireland to support the devious behaviours. The five letters are painted into nearly every wall in Northern Ireland and is currently on the increase.
"I'm a hood and proud, uppa joyriders (Utjrs)"
by AcabYehaaa August 10, 2017
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