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A DISLOYAL home boy who always lose at sports game to you: fifa, madden, ncaa, nba, etc...
He think he so cool with his short hair and losing weightness.

But let me tell you something bout Usman.
Ever since Usman got money, he changed.

He think he on the game, but he ain't even know people laughing at him.
He don't know who he is until he had a vasectomy, sitting there holding his crown jewels looking at his mom saying why you do this to me mom.
me: ay mang joe, what you doing tonight?
joe: mang i bout to blaze it.
me: stop being an Usman, you lame just like an Usman Shahid.

joe: I'm so good at this Madden and I just hit the gym.
me: Stop Usman, you wack. You suck at all sports games and you think you so cool lifting. Yo call your laywer, delete facebook, and hit the gym.
by chang chong tyrone March 01, 2016
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