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unwritten rules when in a public restroom
1. leave a "buffer zone" in between you and someone else whenever possible.
2. No talking to another dude while urinating and always look STRAIGHT ahead.
(there is NO reason to look anywhere else)
3. if there is a waiting line do not go past the end of the stalls to avoid overcrowding the dude in front of you.
4. Try not to make direct eye contact with other people unless it is nessacary. no one wants to talk to you in there.
5. it is OK to fart
6. It is alright to laugh when you can "hear" someone in the stall. It is also alright to comment when the air isn't fit to breathe in there.
WOw, some dude just took the dump of his life in there, must have had TACO BELL.
he didnt use urinal etiquette
by HARBOR MASTER March 12, 2009
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