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1. urbicide - the deliberate attempt to deny, or kill, the city.

source: Overview page on the website of Durham Universiy’s workshop
"Urbicide: The Killing of Cities?"
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See also: Wikipedia "Urbicide"
Violence not aimed at human bodies but against the city fabric
Wikipedia on "Urbicide" excerpt:

In the wake of the destruction of Sarajevo, the term gained more common usage, examples being found in the works of Marshall Berman (1987) and Bogdan Bogdanović. In their 1992 publication "Mostar '92", a group of Bosnian architects from Mostar used the term urbicide to define the violence against the city fabric, such as the destruction of the Mostar bridge, a usage consistent with Marshall Berman's prior use of the term to describe similar acts of violence in Bosnia. Urbicide is increasingly being used by architects, urban planners, scholars and historians to help describe and understand the contemporary and historic wars where cities can no longer be considered safe havens from war, but rather are part of the battle field.
by October 17, 2014
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Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

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