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person that submits another persons name to Urban Dictionary with definitions to show how much they love/hate the subject
(ie. Mandy - the most beautiful girl in the world)
Not a douche 1: Did you see that Joey submitted Mandy to Urban Dictionary?
Not a Douche 2: Yeah, that guy's an urbdictard.Coo
by Angrierthanu January 18, 2012
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A person who rejects words at Urban Dictionary. They feel the power to reject words, even though their dictionary is littered with failures of words with far more dislikes than likes. They basically accept anything except inside jokes. Even though most of the words on Urban Dictionary were fucking started by inside jokes.
Human 1: Those urbdictards rejected schveaty.
Human 2: Wow. What a bunch of urbdictards. Shall I destroy them?
Human 1: Yes, make it so.
by gofuckyourselves October 19, 2011
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