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(n) Broad term for an installment of the English language that is both written and spoken. Does not adhere to proper English punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Includes, but is not limited to: text messaging, street slang, IM conversations, lyrics, and leet speak. Automatically updates from generation to generation. Some urbanglish evolves to become part of proper English.
An example of Urbanglish through the generations.

Chick (speaking Urbanglish of 2007): OMG WTF! im jonesin for some white castle fo realz! Pz!

-which translates to-

Girl: Oh my god, what the fuck! I really want some White Castle. I'm serious! Peace!

-which translates to-

Young lady: Oh wow! I would like some White Castle. Really, I would. See you later!

--which translates to--

Young woman: I'm rather hungry. I'm going to eat some delicious fast food from a restaurant called White Castle. I will see you later, but if we miss each other somehow, then I hope you have a wonderful day.
by cindythelou September 14, 2007
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