a place trying to copy this website and gets multiple law suites for kids jumping to high and breaking 27 bones in their body and practically every parent there are Harry Pot Heads and doesn't give a fuck about a theirs kids.
"Hey,Yea...Yeah, Osama Bin Laden, can you come to a place called Urban Air...the USA... yeah, I want you to send 3 Nuclear Bombs to these exact locations...
by HotShotTigerz FTW January 11, 2018
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In relation to urban population;richness of urban descent well known of your own hometown and surrounding areas
To be an urbanaire,one must first be hip to their own hometown urban areas.

I put on for my city,they show me mad love.That’s how I became an urban-aire.
by Nova_Roze May 19, 2022
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