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A slur used to describe persons, specifically North Americans, of European descent who, relative to and in spite of their middle-class income, possess a remarkable lack of cultured behavior. Behavioral characteristics of upper white trash generally include a prediliction toward blatant and unrefined self-centered materialism, a distinct lack of social responsibility, and a profoundly inward world view, most often distinguished by rashly-decided politically conservative beliefs, often based on one issue such as taxes.
Despite their healthy double incomes and a substantial inheritance, the Johnson's, a stereotypically upper white trash family, were not interested in living in a character home in a well-established neighborhood near the university, but preferred to build a McMansion with a peculariarly ostentatious two-storey grand entryway in a new suburban tract where, despite there being 3 feet between the houses, there would be plenty of space in the four-car garage to park their Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, jet skis, ski boat, and where there would be plenty of space in the game room for a 15 seater hot tub with built-in plasma tv and flashing LED lights for their Nascar parties, and where they would be closer to the local two-year community college where their kids could go rather than spend money to fund the "liberal" ivory towers of the four-year university, and finally where they'd be closer to the malls and those big fun megachurches where no gay marriages will ever take place.
by Robert Peterson February 07, 2006
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