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To remove the clothing from an attractive lady, especially one whom you have either just recently met or have not previously had the privilege of undressing. Expression is used by a horny guy in an effort to portray a more "tempered" and less openly-lustful attitude/mindset to the lady, and to indicate to her that he values and appreciates her whole person, and that he wants to admire and touch her all over her body, not limiting his attentions to merely the "fun zones".
She (being led by the guy to his car): You're handsomer than you look in your online profile!
He: Well, thank you, Gorgeous --- and I must say that YOUR photos didn't do YOU justice, either --- you look even more scrumptious than I'd ever expected! Ooooooh... I just can't wait to get home so I can unwrap my gift!
by QuacksO February 02, 2013
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