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A politician, usually of color, who overcame what they claim is an unfair system, mostly through hard work, and now, seeking election/re-election, panders to the underprivileged masses by promising to overthrow said unfair system which, paradoxically, allowed him to rise to power. Coined by Adam Carolla on 11/7/12.
(Slap bass solo accompanied by mouth noises)

George: That Obama sure has overcome extreme oppression, adversity, and discrimination to become Leader of the Free World.

Jerry: Well, maybe the fact that a guy from his background has flourished in what so many claim is a rigged system proves it's not so rigged after all.

Elaine: Of course it's still rigged. You don't see a female President.

Jerry: Yeah, well maybe Obama will unrig it for you.

(Kramer enters)

Elaine: Hey Kramer, what do you think? Is Obama an unrigger?

Kramer: (pauses) Look, I just came to borrow some milk.

(Slap Bass Outro)
by griffin_t_a November 07, 2012
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