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two different meanings between a tease and a unknown tease. A tease is one who knowingly makes you beleive you have a shot but leaves you with blueballs and some bitterness. Now an unknown tease is when the "tease" doesnt realize he or she is teasing you, the teaser doesnt have an point to make. Dont want to intentionally make you think you have a chance. They tend to not know what they possibly did turned you on. They leave. You get blueballs or some bitterness. But you can only blame yourself unless you say or do something to let them know they are teasing you.
Harry: gah, she was such a tease, she left me and gave me blue balls.

Steve: was she being a tease or an unknown tease?

Harry: i think an unknown tease because i dont think she realized that she was turning me on.

Steve: well thats your fault, you should have said something.
by unkown123569 May 06, 2012
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