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A liberal arts university in Fredericksburg, VA. Students are predominantly from Virginia, although not always. Along with being ranked as one of "America's Best Values" in terms of the cost of the school, UMW's sports teams are always at the top of the Conference for most sports.

Don't be fooled by its impressive statistics for strictly academics, UMW seems to have developed a population of hard drinking students. Students commonly go out to party on Thursday, Friday, Saturday of each week, although its not uncommon for the standard "40's and Monday Night Football".
Director at UMW's Dining Services (He said this on Thanksgiving in 2007): "University of Mary Washington, looks more like university of alcoholics."
by UMWryan January 28, 2008
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This college is the worst college in virginia, probably the planet. it sucks and there is nothing to do except if you enjoy working your ass off for mediocre grades and partying once ever 2 months at a lame-ass party until cops bust it at 11.30 then this is the skool for you! plus the kids here are rich, spoiled self-centered enjoy!
hey did u hear bout a party at the University of Mary Washington?

nah, man theres no such thing
by buttmonkey4lyfe November 08, 2013
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