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A person that is beyond unique, moreso, in a crazy way;
A unique and crazy outlook towards things;

Extremely different; pictures, dances, drawings, clothing that are just awe in a different and bizarre way;

Something that has more than likely never been seen, said, heard, or drawn and it is bizarre;

A unique and lunatic person;

Extremely creative; unique and bizarre creations;

Colorful, exciting, and fun;
Mixed personality that is known to be bizarre;
Jose drew a uniquetic picture of an unknown creature.

Sarah got up on the dance floor and screamed "Let's get uniquetic!", the crowd went wild and started dancing crazily.

Mary saw a uniquetic flower on the road, she stopped her car, picked it up, and noticed it was extremely different, in a bizarre way, than all the other flowers she had ever seen.

He has a uniquetic personality, you will rarely ever know what he will do next.
Henry found the answer to the math problem to be uniquetic; the way the numbers came together, it created some sort of odd picture.
by Oxtaurusveganmom March 12, 2015
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