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A unicornz is a type of unicorn, but only with a very extraordinary personality. The unicornz is hidden within people. 1 out of 100 people are unicornz, and this person makes you feel special. Not like a girlfriend/boyfriend feeling, but a feeling like you actually mean something. They make you feel special and unique. Like your actually somebody. Every unicornz is special to someone, there will only be one unicornz that makes you who you are. The person that you sit next to every day in class that you have never paid attention to might be an unicornz. So if you think you have found your unicornz, then treat the person with respect. And they will make your life magical.
Guy 1: "That girl makes me feel so special when she looks at me!"
Guy 2: "She might be your unicornz! You should go talk to her!"
Guy 1: "Ok, catch you later!"
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