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Underlight was a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Lyra Studio's

Underlight focused on character development and interaction rather than combat or items. Underlight's setting was a shared dream state. Gameplay revolved around the interactions of numerous guilds, each with a different take on the dream-space they inhabit

Underlight shut down November 2006.
Anyone remember Underlight? No? Pity )=
by WalkingDreamer July 10, 2009
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a game run by a biased team of gm's who don't believe in fair play.
a graphical real-time cyber-sex world.
a crock of shit.
rpg player 1: hey, what is that game you are playing there that looks to be entirely biased as those players that the gm's favour are getting rewarded for cheating and being assholes? it looks like a crock of shit.
rpg player 2: its called underlight
by <3 dol May 03, 2005
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