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An smoking hot underage asian girl, jailbait so irresistible that it is all but guaranteed to land you in the slammer for some 'hard' time.
Bob - Did you hear about that party tonight at doug's place?

Rick - Yeah, there are supposed to be a bunch of underasians there..
by eatsleepobey December 18, 2009
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An Asian girl that is smoking hot and looks 20 years of age, but is probably more like 15 or 16 years old.
(Created by Jakob S, 2008)
Fred: "Oh my god, Check out that hot japanese girl."
Jim: "Yeh she is fine, but you'll get locked up......She's an Under-Asian."
Fred: "Shit"
Bob: "I know, sure could of fooled me."
by John Dyer March 22, 2008
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