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n. the greatest college basketball rivalry. ever. So far, duke has won 5 NCAA championships, while in 2017 UNC won their 6th in 2017. Almost evenly matched in skill, with UNC coming out only slightly on top looking at every game they've played against each other.
fans have been known to actively go to their rivals games solely to cheer on the opposition. In the 2017 NCAA tournament, UNC fans stayed after the UNC game just to cheer on Duke's opposition.

n. one of the hottest college basketball tickets to get. sells out in minutes.
UNC student: Oh! Who's your friend?
Friend: This is ___ and they go to Duke and-
Duke student: HISSSSS

Friend: So what did you do last night?
UNC Student: I camped out in front of the ticket office so I could get a ticket to the UNC vs Duke game 4 years from now.
by shadow-scale June 27, 2017
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