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People who are on the extreme far left side of the political spectrum, i.e., Green Peace, PETA, or similar minded people who want to save the Earth but who are so hardcore they frighten most people away. These are the folks you see tying themselves to trees to save the owls or throw red paint on ladies who wear fur coats. They're usually vegans who eat nothing but a rice noodle and diet water yet have the money to afford filet mignon. They are the ideological opposite of the ultra-right conservative yet are equally vociferous and staunch in their beliefs while being just as obnoxious and full of shit.
"Meat is murder, meat is murder!!!"

"Yes, you buncha ultra libs! It's tasty, tasty murder!" (smacks lips)

"Fur is murder, fur is murder!!" (throws red paint on your fur coat)

"Goddamn it, you ruined my mink coat, you ultra lib asshole!!"

"Omigod, don't drink the tap water, it's been tainted with chlorine!!"

"Yeah, whatever you say pal, why don't you go drink the water in Bangladesh and see what's floating in their water, you ultra lib prick!"
by Ahawk75 August 12, 2009
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