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Disparaging slang term for an Asian man's penis.
(William Hung is spending some quality time with his first girlfriend whom he scored after finishing his performance, badly-covering Ricky Martin songs at UC-Berkeley)

Girl: "Willie I love you sooo much! You are the sweetest man I've ever met and known! I wanna cuddle with you all night long!"
William Hung: "Yeah pretty baby so do I! Now let's get into bed. Tonight I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes."
(the two get into bed and moments later...)
Girl: "Oh. Oh. Go deeper baby! I'm not satisfied."
William Hung: "I can't, bitch, that's as far in as I can go! And I think my rice noodle just went limp! Uh-oh. Looks like I've pulled a Rafael Palmeiro."

Mark H. UD contributer since February 2004.
by Mark H May 26, 2005
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a Penis of Asian ancestry which is too small to suck or fuck
"Rosha get some!" Says Eric.
"No, you fucking rice noodle!" Rosha screams.
"What do you mean?" Eric says confused.
"You're a rice noodle bruh, sorry." Will explains.
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by the_zymbobwhey June 11, 2018
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