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The ultimate promise is that of a "pinky promise" the pinky promise is the most sacred of bonds which may only be undertaken in extreme circumstances. The pinky promise but be taken as an oath that one may not go back on. The oath begins with both parties interlocking their right pinkies with one another. Both parties will than state "I pinky promise..." followed by the promise, upon unlocking pinkies the ritual will be complete therefore creating an ever lasting bond between both parties. If all is done as directly stated above, the promise is now complete, if you miss any step or go out of order than the promise is unofficial and fradulent
"I just made the ultimate promise with my grandpa that we would never play the "tickle" game again as long as i never told my parents we ever played it in the first place"
by Thetrueultimatepromiselegend November 01, 2017
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