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Realy hot these ukranian girls are. They r really cool to hang out with. they are really smart but dont let that fool you. They have a big imagination. if u know what i mean. They r really good at bumping and grinding on the dance floor. each dance they go to they mix it up. if ur a guy that dances with one. u will have a nice ass shake all over ur crotch area and u would b lucky. they r really nice and laugh ALOT!!!! but its really cute and i think if a guy gets with one, he might not be able to take it. they seem they can get pretty intense when ur in the moment, but us guys will have to find out.
dang mayn, i saw u dancing with that ukranian.

haha yea im so lucky. she moves hella nice, nice everything on her.
cant wait till i dance with that ukranian girl again
by bobby mcdanile February 24, 2009
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