ukiah high school: the school where hippie stoners and yeehaw conservatives coexist, sometimes forming yeehaw stoner conservatives. located in ukiah, california, a town just as small and depressing as the school campus. its the only major public high school in the entire town, so if theres someone u don’t like from middle school, congratulations! ur stuck with them for another four years. the school is known for giving half the student body depression, shitty math teachers, and spending a MONTH on homecoming. everyone dresses like hippie stoner hobos, wannabe Emma Chamberlains, or just hicks. the parking lot is 80% trucks and jeeps and they all park together to assert their dominance. during lunch seniors, juniors, sophomore, and freshies who hide under blankets in the backseat of the car to avoid school security bc they aren’t allowed to leave campus, head over to Raleys to hang out in the parking lot. since uhs is so painfully boring, half the school shows up high or zooted. bathrooms? there’s only juul rooms, and the soap is never full. there’s nothing to do for fun except get drunk,high,and party. u have to go to santa rosa to do anything interesting. people worship the baroza’s like they’re the Kardashians. the partys are either lame as shit or insane, and theres always at least 3 people who graduated 4 years ago trying to get with some shitfaced 15 year old. people either love ukiah high or fucking hate it and if you love it chances are you’re gonna peak in high school.
person 1: what school do you go to?
person 2: ukiah high school
person 1: LOL XD slay
by psychedelic cats February 03, 2019
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