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When you get an epic kill in a game (usually Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Versus) such as a grenade bouncing off a wall and blowing up in a spy's face, zooming in and right away getting a headshot, or grabbing a mercenary in a completely stealthy way, which makes you yell "UHUHU!!!" due to the awesomeness that just happened.
(people on voice chat in SCCT Versus)
Merc 1: Oh larnit he's getting away!
Merc 2: I'll kill that schweinhund! *chucks nade far away, it bounces off the wall and lands right in front of the spy* UHUHU!!!!!!!!!!
AgentX_003(the spy): NOOOO I got owned!!
Merc 1: that was such an uhuhu moment!
by MagnificentBear October 07, 2010
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