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If you're looking for white trash rednecks claiming to be "country", then you've come to the right place my friends! It's a small village, located in bumfuck nowhere. The community is abundant with druggies, cousin fuckers, and the typical black boys from the suburbs who pretend to be gangsters. Sisters share partners, brothers share partners. They fuck just about everything there is to fuck. Including farm animals. There are no such thing as morals or boundaries for a "922er" ya'll! If that doesn't make you want to haul ass here, then let's fill you in on a casual weekend in the "ville". It all starts with a couple beat to hell trucks & some hillbilly friends from around the trailer park. Bonfires, local sleezy skanks, cheap beer, and uncle Billy Bob Joe hooking up with the pregnant 17 year old doing lines off a switch blade. I don't know about you guys, but that to me sounds like a dream. Speaking of dreams, the locals like to call this one horse town "Dreams Ville". Sure does sound like one to me folks! And let's not forget all the wonderful restaurants to choose from! You have your Wendys, McDonalds, KFC. That's just a few of the 5 star food joints to take your boyfriend with no job to! So, if you're looking for the perfect place to live a below average life, cruising through minimum wage hs jobs your whole life, fucking not only your spouse but your best friends spouse too, then look no further than good old Uhrichsville/Dennison Ohio. Come by soon ya'll, ya hear!
Billy Bob Joe: "Ya'll seen that there piggy hump that little one over there in Uhrichsville boys?"
Billy Bob Joe's kids: "Why ya we did daddy. Let's go get us some roadkill to eat and watch 'em do what you and cousin Sally Joe do"
by IBuiltTheEiffelTowerOutOfBrawn November 26, 2014
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