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A girl who is hot everywhere except for one particular feature. Somewhat like butterface (everything but-her-face) or a BFB (better-from-behind). Don't get me wrong, this girl is still hot, you find yourself attracted to her, but somehow she's...UGLY. For example, an "uglyhott" is the typical unattractive orange (aka OVER TAN) but at the same time, the orange sorta makes her attractive.

Seeing her puts you in a dilemma: are you attracted to Ms. Uglyhott? Or are you not? Its a hard word to describe, but once you've seen an uglyhott, you KNOW an uglyhott.
"damn, she's uglyhott"
"look at Sissy: she's SO orange. But she has big boobs. UGLYHOTT."
"Bro, you see that girl over there? She's SO HOTT. "Ehhh, idk bro? Her ass looks like a deflated balloon and she's got pit stains. Uglyhott."
by AnkLen April 16, 2010
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