Everyone said buying condoms was no big deal and nobody would say anything....

Well that was a fucking lie.

I pull up at Walgreens and I walk over to the aisle with condoms. I go “well shit, I guess i need some deodorant too.” So I pick some up and then grab a box of condoms.

I get to the checkout line, i’m standing there and this one old lady is like “excuse me son, mind me asking how old you are?” And i’m like “Ummm I’m 16?” Then she purses her lips and makes this judging ass face and says, “Aren’t you a little young to be using those?”

At this point the other 5 people in the line are all looking at me so I got angry and just started acting snarky. “Oh, my bad lady, Imma just hit it raw and hope she don’t get knocked up.” She felt offended so she shut up pretty quick.

AND THEN when I get to the front of the line, the fucking cashier scans the box, smiles and says, “first time with these?” Are you fucking kidding me? Why would he ask that? Whatever. I just said “Um no second actually.” (Even though it was actually my first).

Ughhh. Anyways I hate people. I just want to buy some condoms in peace damn.
u/alt-no-more wanted to purchase condoms and now he's a celebrity
by u/tryinng December 25, 2018
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A teenager on Reddit who made a post about a cashier complaining about him buying condoms.
Hey, u/alt-no-more reminds me of u/waterguy12’s Reddit fame.
by NRA December 28, 2018
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