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1.To young to care ; When you're so oblivious you think your age means you can act like an idiot and not care (because that's a great idea have fun in jail I hope you don't kill anyone with your stupidity)
2. Teach yourself to code ; Teach yourself a little modern day lingo and confuse the crap out of the ones that don't know it xD ( Me: HGHAYIMYSMISIHBF!!! Friend: Wtf Is that?! Me: Hey Girl How Are You I Miss You So Much I Swear It Has Been Forever!! Friend: Oh I miss you too!!)
1. Hey dude I just arrested but you know I'm tytc!! (Oh boy don't they sound intellignent..😒)
2. Grandma you take for ever to type!! You should tytc so you can type faster!!! (Grandma ends of thinking lol means lots of love.. oops... Maybe I should've thought her?.. )
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by .BeachGirl101. May 26, 2016
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