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The intentional misspelling or shortening of common words in order to sound cool in some circles. It is similar to ebonics in spoken english, but used, as the name implies in typed english. Typobonics is used almost exclusively on the internet, not uncommonly used in teenage chatrooms, blogs about boy bands, instant messages and e-mails between teenage girls about high school drama.
Typobonics is considered by some to be lazy and low-class.

Not to be confused with l33t, which is common with internet nerds, or the condensed written english associated with text messaging, which is shortened out of necessity of the nature of a text message.
"My little sister always uses typobonics instead of normal english when she's instant messaging her dorky friends."

Some typical typobonic word subsitutions are:
'cuz' instead of 'because'
'plz' instead of 'please'
'luv' instead of 'love'
'neva' instead of 'never'
'n' instead of 'and'
'da' instead of 'the'

"u neva gunna looz weight cuz u always chattin on da internet."
by metamer6 March 30, 2007
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