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Ugly guy that thinks he's cool but no girls like him and he's a loser
Tyler Wilson thinks he's so cool but he's rlly not
by Urban dictionary pro June 12, 2017
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Tyler looks like a giraffe so lmao he look like poop hha make him suffer if ya date him
Hey Tyler Wilson looks like a giraffe
by .you_thought. July 03, 2018
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Tyler wilson is cute asf he has a huge dick its like 13 inches. Cuz he is fine asf he get mad bitches and. Gurls be fallin for him. And his bro eric be gettin mad bitches. Eric tucker be gettin bitches on bitches. But tyler will always be better than eric no matter what and if you find a eric that is better than tyler kill eric. And nobody can resist tyler. Any body will die for him. And he look like a monkey
Girl 1: tyler wilson is sexy asf

Girl 2: i want him so bad
by Ana's negro July 09, 2018
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