Refers to da delightful situation where ya go to visit one nice in-her-late-teens chick, and she happens to have her best friend --- another hot sweet-natured teenage damsel --- over for a visit, and so ya get TWO pretty girls to hold hands with.
I usually try to visit my cutie-pie lady-friends in the afternoon or evening, since that's often when they will have one or two other equally-delightful blinky-eyed chicks over to hang out, and so I get a two-for-one special --- TWO soft warm hands to clasp or press against my cheeks, and TWO sweet smiling faces beaming shyly at me.
by QuacksO September 23, 2018
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When the woman puts your ball sack on a tee then uses a golf club to whack them bitches up your ass getting a two for one special
Alex and Kamy were on the golf green, and Kamy thought it would be good to give Alex a two for one special. So she plopped his sack on the tee and whacked his sack up his ass.
by Assjuice12 February 12, 2018
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