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a book series, created by stephanie meyer, that describes a story of romance between a human and a sparkling FAIRY that keeps calling itself a vampire. to make true that past statement, the real description for a vampire is "an impure monster that feeds on the blood of the living to both, love forever and to hide its true monstrous form".....
twlight, has invaded the hearts and minds of salivating teenage girls by describing a some guy as a vampire.

the book also describes a werewolf character that breaks the codes of werewolfism. this "jacob" ,for some strange reason, has the ability to change into a wolf whenever he wants to and can control his actions in wolf form. i make the point that werewolves are FORCED to turn every full moon and slaughter everyone near by. so, jacob would kill bella.

there are plenty of other books to read that have pain, love, and writing genius. don't hang on to the mainstream book series. it has done away with past storytelling work, shaming authors like Bram Stoker and Ann Rice. if you wont romance, go to someone else, besides the monsters.
if you want real vampires and werewolves, watch the Wolfman remake and interview with the vampire. Twlight is a disgrace to the horror background.
by the gentlemen thief December 31, 2009
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