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The phase affected by the quarterlife crisis, or the lapse of time -- ranging from a few years to over a decade -- where a twenty-something experiences the transitioning stage between late adolescence and young adulthood (approximately ages 17-23) and full-fledged adulthood.

Twixterhood, a neologism combining "Twixter," a term coined by a writer at TIME magazine, to the suffix "hood," suggests an adulthood characterized by financial, emotional, and/or personal immaturity, a refusal to "grow up," a desire to hold onto or maintain the glory years of college partying or casual relationships, or the preference of traveling, exploring, learning, and taking on part-time or temporary forms of employment instead of committing to full-time, permanent positions.

Both a positive and negative experience for twenty-somethings, and even thirty-somethings, the average length of Twixterhood has lengthened since the maturing years of Generation X-ers: members of Generation Y, and the generations after Y, are prone to drawing out this stage, particularly by moving back in or residing permanently with their parents.
After hugging his younger sister on her twenty-fifth birthday, he jokingly welcomed her into Twixterhood, and laughed because she was about to move back into her childhood bedroom at their parents' house, as she could no longer afford to pay rent and go to graduate school at the same time.
by Cheri Lucas February 03, 2008
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