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A tweet fight is a topic battle that takes place on the Twitter social network. Two or more people may start a tweet fight; similar to a meme, but with the pretense of someone "winning".
A tweet fight starts similarly to Street Fighter in that you announce the fight, name your challengers, name the topic and then fight. (see example)
Tweet Fights can also be compared to a "Yo Mama" fight.

The first rule about #tweetfight is:

1. There are no rules.
@ohsnapitsMegan: @offdutygnome READY! #tweetfight :
Yo Mama : FIGHT!

@offdutygnome: @ohsnapitsMegan Yo Mama got a wooden leg with a kickstand!

@ohsnapitsMegan: @offdutygnome Yo Mama so fat and stupid she heard it was chilly outside so she grabbed a bowl and a spoon!
by TorchesTogether5 July 24, 2009
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