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tweek tweeker twacked twackerjack spundacular shardtard shardlard meth S.T.D.'s methamphetamine meth-a-sketch methanite methnstein methadonia methalated crystal methalicious crystal methodist crystal meth white-trash
When a supuderella gets so spun on meth she wants one cock up her ass, one up her pussy, one in her mouth, one in each hand, and five guys standing around stroking their cocks while she yearns to be sprayed all over her face and body by their cum. Spunderfella is the male fucktard so spun on meth who throws caution to the wind and anxiously awaits his turn to stuff his cock into one of the orifices of this particular spunderella.
Mike: "'Yo Dwayne, did you hear about that party in Clantee last night?"

Dwayne: "'Yo dog, that wasn't a party! That was that tore-back tweekasaurus-rex white trash meth hound DeAnne a.k.a. Spunderella get'in tweekie freekie deekie - gang-banged by 10 twacked out spunderfellas".

Mike: "Ohhh nasty!"

Dwayne: "Straight up G! Stay away from those Santee bitches, they probably all have every God forsaken STD known to man and even have created a new strain that even the finger of God himself cannot cure!"
by The Anrkissed May 06, 2008
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