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verb, adj.

To twebb is to over analyse a situation, particularly with regards to the opposite sex. The symptoms of twebbing are constant discussion of a scenario, unnecessary amounts of messaging via facebook and mobile phone to reassure interest, and consistently jumping to conclusions when meeting a member of the opposite sex.

Females are adept at twebbing, it is in their nature. Males should avoid twebbing at all costs as females will recognize this effeminate weakness and turn their attentions to a different man.

Any statement that includes one or more sub-clauses can be considered twebbing. Indeed, this definition is an example of twebbing.
1) Tom! You only came on her tits, you don't have to marry her!

2)Paul: I spoke to Tom earlier, he said he met a girl at a dinner party last night.

George: Yeah, he told me that too.

Paul: He's twebbed it.

3) Paul: I wrote on Claire's wall again today.
by foodhalldavej January 14, 2010
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