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Short for "Touch My Gits".
You can probably guess what "Gits" means, anyways.
This is similar to saying "Kiss My Ass", but only works for girls... or really whacked up sick-minded guys... or in the rare case, a genderless flying squirrel sub-species that depends on survival completely through asexual reproduction.

It can be used in a variety of different ways, to portray different emotional states or feelings.
Used in a "piss off" sort of tone:

Wrathmar: Hello frieeeeennnd! Can I interest you in letting me slurp some of that Chocolate Chunk Iced Frappucino?
Twik: no lolololoooool
Wrathmar: Jerk.
Twik: tus my gits
Wrathmar: You don't even have those... o_o
Used in a more "happy" tone:

Katie: -glomp-
Xero: -gigaglomp-
Katie: -glomptackle-
Xero: You seem pretty happy today.
Katie: Yesh.
Xero: ... How much coffee have you drank?
Katie: TMG.
Xero: OKAY!
by Xero Xyzisme October 26, 2008
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