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A Corduroy pant wearing, round shaped, butch lesbian of shorter stature. Do not confuse these lesbos with the taller lesbian variety; Ogeralis Majoris. Typically turtle lesbos are found along the western coastline of the USA. A turtle lesbo's primary habitat is that of middle to lower class neighborhoods often refered to as "the ghetto." A turtle lesbians primary occupation is that of a chef or mechanic. Their spare time is spent coaching women's basketball or soccer. A turtle lesbian will often approach people with an uncanny swagger which is meant to mimic their male counterparts. The hair style typically found upon the head of a turtle lesbo is that of an 9 year old boy of the phylum dorkus-minoris. Turtle lesbos are relatively harmless, however, if one were to cross the path of a turtle lesbo in hot pursuit of a lipstick lesbian they would find themselves in deep perile. Lastly it is the turtle lesbo is the primary consumer of male hormones despite the gov't insistance that male baseball players hold that status.
Excuse me turtle lesbo, is that a bannana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.
by patrick_patrick January 19, 2008
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