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Verb: to turd-decorate a wall, facility, business, or residence, whether interior, exterior, or both, with turds, especially if done with turds fired from a true turd cannon constructed of a hollow tube of 6 or more soda cans gray-taped together, then packed full of feces & propelled forth by a gas-powered liter fluid ignition lit through a touch0holr in yhe last can.

Noun: The above-referenced device that actually hurls the turds at high speed upon ignition of the liter-fluid propellant.
"We turdcannoned shit all up on the inside of the skylights at the mall, and the sun dried it hard as cement!"

"Wait'll you see what my new 8-can turdcannon can do. It'll blow a load of turds 50 feet at high speed!"
by Professor G July 14, 2008
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its when you shoot at high speed feces of both loose and hard consistancy out you
man my turd cannon will be working overtime after this buritto
by tommynicks August 03, 2011
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