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when one pleasures their partner sexually based off of entries they found in that partner's tumblr feed.
he must have been looking at my blog cause he totally tumblr-fucked me.
by a.fazil February 23, 2014
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An idiot teenager who uses Tumblr
This teenager does many things such as
•Getting offended easily
•Very unoriginal
•Makes up genders
•Obsesses weirdly about emo bands
•Glorifies self harming and depression and mental illnesses and other bad stuff
•Is very fake and tries extremely hard to be unique

And the list goes on
Person 1: Whats you and your friends (The tumblr fuck) favourite colour?
Person 2: Oh, my favourite color is blue, and her favourite color is yellow.
Tumblr fuck: Did you just call me "her"? That is transphobic, I AM A "THEY". I am neither gender.

*continuously goes on rant*

Things that qualify as tumblr fucks: Weeaboos, Furries, 'MOST' fangirls, and basically everything that is autistic.

Most Tumblr fucks are teenagers, but some do not grow out of it once they turn into an adult and that can be an issue.
by Svorge September 04, 2016
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