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A region of Canberra located in the ACT, considered by many to be rather backwater. Tuggeranong is centuries behind the rest of Canberra in terms of hygiene, and standard of living. Many Tuggeranong inhabitants are forced to live in shanty towns, with houses made from anything they can find. Some examples of these shanty towns include Conder, Banks, Chisolm, and Bonython. The average life expectancy for somewhere who lives in Tuggeranong their whole life is a mere 47, compared to 78 for somewhere who is native to Woden. Tuggeranong even has its own dialect. It's vastly different from the language experienced a mere few mile to the north, with excessive use of the 'fucking' and an emphasis on the wrong syllables. This dialect is very similar to the dialect experienced in the Queanbeyan region of NSW. The interchange of Tuggeranong is inhabited by mainly petrol-sniffing aboriginals as opposed to the interchange of Woden which is inhabited by the Subaru WRX driving wogs.
" I used to live in Tuggeranong, and then I thought WOW, this is really shit, so then I moved somewhere decent."
"Ayy wanna go to the Hyperdome and fight some freshies?"
Ahhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh mattttttttteeee rightoooo. (an example of the tuggeranong dialect.
by Rowem August 20, 2007
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tuggeranong is a region of canberra, australia. however unlike most of the surrounding area, tuggernanong is considered by many to be a hole, far inferior to most of the rest of canberra. as such, tuggeranong and its inhabitants are often subject to much ridicule over the place they have chosen to live in. despite the apparent cruelty and invalid nature of many of the remarks about tuggernaong's shitness, i can say that some of the 'rumors' are true. the quality of lively in much lower than the rest of canberra, with many houses truely an epitomy for poverty. many of the locals are total bogans, with no sense of humanity. many don't even speak english properly, instead using a weird form of slang that only each other can understand. these people in some rare extreme cases border on being considred animals. the normal social problems any city faces are also abound in tuggeranong. drugs is common place everywhere, with many of the local bogan poplation spending the days knocked up on crack or slam-dancin with mr brownstone (heroin), oh and weed, they love their weed. in one quick phrase, tuggeranong is acrappy region which could even be considered in some areas as a zoo without fences, leaving its inhabitants free to roam.
Person 1: hey i'm thinking of moving to tuggernaong, what do ya think?
Person 2: no dont, its a shithole

uhhnaaaaahhhhhhnnnnn (bogan talk tuggeranong style - translation not humanly possible)
by hamish the truthgiver December 11, 2007
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