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Tsavo, a progressive rock band from the Seattle/Bellingham area, have stunned audiences in the last year since their arrival on the music scene. They have been widely described as "original," "unique," and "distinct" as their genre spans various styles. With the lyrical and musical influence of vocalist Cameron Mueller and the technical veracity of his fellow band mates, Tsavo brings a beautiful art to the stage. Intensity in sound accompanied by a familiar feel gives this five piece wide audience appeal. The textured music is accented by a forceful, intelligent rhythm section, and very heartfelt lyrics make Tsavo a force onstage and in their upcoming full length album.

Cameron Mueller - Vocals
Sean Brown - Drums
Jason Edwards - Guitar
Gus Winecoff - Bass
Ryan Luke - Guitar
Person 1: Dude have you ever heard TSAVO?
Person 2: Man the "T" is silent!
by Bryce Blood November 27, 2007
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