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Fear of having a secret sexual relationship with a co-worker or acquaintance. Typically afflicts people who are married. Although they fantasize about banging the other party, and they know the other party is willing, they cannot overcome the fear of their partner finding out about the illicit affair. In men, this is usually found in ball-less, hen-pecked pantywaists who are dominated by their spouse and cannot imagine an alternative life without them. They may fear that their wife might literally kick their ass, or that they would possibly pull out all the stops and call in Guido and the boys to take care of the situation.
Bill knows that the hot new secretary wants to jump his bones, but he can't pull the trigger. That poor trystophobic bastard!

"Hello, my name is John and I suffer from trystophobia". (Chorus of blue balled house-husbands sitting in a circle)...."Hello John"..........

(Margie) "Fred is such a hunk I just want to jump on him and ride him like a cow girl" (Gwen) "Don't waste your time, he's a trystophobe".
by bgm71 July 01, 2013
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