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1. An antidote to mansplaining, Republisplaining, and alternative facts
2. Telling it like it is
3. Hitting someone with a dose of reality
4. Exposing someone to the reality that they have been denying and probably want to continue to deny
5. Sharing a difficult or inconvenient truth
1. When the company established an all-male panel to discuss "women in science," Teresa truthsplained why this was problematic.

2. When her white co-worker dissed Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement, Naomi truthsplained the beauty and symbolism behind it.

3. When Susie insists that her religious freedom is under attack if she has to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, Ricardo truthsplains that baking a cake in no way attacks or infringes upon her religious freedom, while refusing to serve someone based on sexual orientation does in fact infringe upon their basic human rights.
by Windup-Bird February 18, 2017
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