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A male midget that is forced, tied if necassary, to sit in your trunk and spin some vinyls while you drive. If your midget refuses to be your trunk jockey, you simply tell him that he IS your trunk jockey and proceed to throw him against a wall. A trunk jockey can only be used in one's hooptie. Be careful, they bite.
Yo, B hop up in my trunk. Make da hooptie bump. To attract your trunk jockey, sing the following song; "Trunk jockey, trunk jockey, spin me a rhyme, make da hooptie bump, and have a nice time, can't you see, trunk jockey, you were meant to sit in my trunk." Always sing this attractive tune to the melody of Fiddler on the Roof's song, "Matchmaker."
- IF this doesn't work, you might get lucky and find a midget that will accept leprachaun gold.

If trained properly, your midget can also be trained into doing the chicken wing with you!
by K-Wreck, OLI LOC, HARRI M April 16, 2007
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