Non-negotiable, since the compass will show where it is, relative from your current position, and it will never change.
You are my true north
by xxScuttlesxx October 10, 2013
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Hell. There is no words that can explain True North. It is a wilderness therapy program in Vermont that does not allow you to talk to anybody without a certified guide sitting next to you listening to every single word. Watch out for the quiet kids because there are only two types:

1) The kid who is amazing and nice,
2) The kid who will try to push you into the fire and kill you.

You need to hike every single day when you are there and DONT EVER THINK ABOUT RUNNING AWAY. you will get caught, and if you dont you will get stuck blowing dues behind gas stations to try to find enough money to find your way home before they will send you to red cliff. Your pack weighs anywhere from 60-200 pounds and don't think about eating anything thats not tasteless pasta, beans and rice, lentils, and oats every single day for your 100 days there.
Oh shit! I heard he was sent to true north, we gonna need to break him out!
by Jack-Jack da crazy kid October 11, 2019
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