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a shit whole in wiltshire, warrior town, a place where everybody carries a knife, beautiful walls covered in graffiti all people who live there wish they didn't, and those who like it are usually inbreds. the family 'trowbreezy' is where the foundations of 'trowbridge' came from. everyone is related. The only people in trowbridge that are trully happy are the ones that are moving away or dead. trowbridge grave yard is considered a place of happiness and joy. the few normal people in this god forsaken town spend their time here.
''please don't put me on the slow boat to trowbreezy''
''guy: marry me and we will move to trowbreezy!
girl: fuck you! (the following day becomes a nun and swears never to love a man again)''
by rodge7 June 21, 2011
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