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Pronounced (Tro-Kay)
1) To screw someone out of money; to back out of an agreement in a deceitful manner; shady business dealing with dishonorable associates.
2) the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

3) A false French pretension of quality and importance without substance.
4) Smiling in ones face while stabbing them in the back.
5) An attempt to pass off something that is of bad quality
6) An attempt to cloak something that is evil or ugly; something that is gilded.
7) Trying to serve a bad product, such as bad food, through the means of trickery.
8) A putrified French stew; spoiled food.
"Man, that place screwed all of its employees, They got troqueted!"
"I don't think this deal is safe. It looks pretty shady to me. I'd back out or they're going to troquet your ass!"
"That dude threw a lot of fancy French words around but everyone knew he was full of shit! Dude is a total troquet!"
"That bitch smiled in my face and gave me the troquet"
"a troquet of deceit"
"That place totally sold us a bunch of crap. We got troqueted!"
"I opened up the pan and there was a troquet of rotten food".
by ThievesAmongUs February 14, 2014
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