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The new generation of children who are rewarded a real or imaginary trophy for everything they do.

Mom: Did you just shake that mans hand?
TK: Yes.
Mom: Wow! Take a trophy.
Man: I despise any trophy kid! (beats them)
by mirror noir October 31, 2008
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A kid who's parents were irresponsible and had out of a desire for self-validation rather than a genuine interest in parenting.

Trophy kids are most common in the hood where overweight welfare moms have kid after kid just to validate their sense of self worth, and where deadbeat dads knock women after woman up without supporting their offspring and equate their manhood with the number of chicks they've gotten pregnant.
Negligent parents are known to share picture after picture of their kids on Facebook but loathe the actual responsibilities that come with parenting, because their kids are just trophy kids
by Anon989989 October 14, 2016
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