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The bocal/crook (pipe) and reed of a bassoon put into a trombone... Played with tight tight embrochure sounds like a beautiful medival thing, with loose embrouchure like a strangled elephant
Also called a babone

Uncultured Freak:Huh? whats a bassoon?
Popular, smart bassoonist:(uncultured freaks) Its like a big oboe.
Uncultured Freak: whats and oboe
Trombonist: its like a clarinet.
Drummer: whats a clarinet
Bassoonist: LOOK the Bassoon is a cool woodwind instrument that to uncultured freaks vagely resembles a bong
Uncultured Freak: Oh i know what that is
Bassoonist: I play tromboon
Uncultured Freak: whats that
by Hsdfdfghfa April 21, 2007
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A trombone played with a bassoon reed replacing the cup mouthpiece. Often used for gag effects.
These kids are so mischievous---they're always playing the tromboon when the band director's back is turned.
by pentozali May 05, 2008
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