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definition: A female troll who acts in favor of feminism and women rights by spreading misandrogeny.

Habitat: Any type of online or offline social convention.

Diet: The diet of trollites varies between small male children and large masculine men but mostly conservative men and some other traditionalist women are considered to be consumed by trollites. Most favorite food in the trollite diet is high self-esteem.

Life Span and Life Cycle: There are no observed infant trollites. However, scientific researches offered some clues which enables to speculate the early chapters of trollite life (see the following). Average trollite life span is 30 years, from beginning with the 15th year and (by the achievement of the ability to attract human males) ending with 45th year (by achieving sanity and self-awareness). After the 45th year, it is considered that trollites metamorphose back into standart human female.

Conclusion: The trollite species are recognized as a communicative threat by the world internet and digital communication association. Current developments and studies on trollite issue do not meet the requirements for establishing precautions and building a universal countermeasure code. However there are many civil activities in order to battle against this recent threat. Some of them like "ridicule them to death" organization even achieved remarkable success.
Why she always gets to the women rights topic?
Oh, nevermind. She is just a trollite.
by vonamsab July 30, 2012
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